The Effects of the Cuban Revolution Are Still Present Today

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Visiting Cuba can definitely be one of the best experiences that one can ever have. There are so many things to see, places to visit, etc. That includes various natural wonders and manmade structures. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that the country’s history has significantly affected it. The Cuban Revolution, which took place from 1953-1959 has certainly been one of the most key events in the country’s history. If you visit the country it will certainly indirectly affect your stay in Cuba. That’s why it’s important to have a basic knowledge about the event, to improve your trip.

The Cuban Revolution was implemented by Fidel Castro’s action known as the 26th of July Movement. It was against the U.S.-backed government of President Fulgencio Batista. The revolution started in 1953, and continued until Batista was ousted on January 1, 1959. They replaced his authoritarian government with a socialist state. The coup d’état resulted in the formation of the Communist Party in October of 1965. Today, Castro’s brother Raul still rules Cuba.


There were several national and international effects of the Cuban Revolution. For example, an embargo has existed between the U.S. and Cuba since then. However, diplomatic relations between the two countries have improved between the two countries in recent times, and recently the U.S. flag was raised at its embassy in Cuba, representing the return of diplomatic relations between the two nations. Besides affecting its relationship with the U.S., the Cuban Revolution also affected its participation in military conflicts. You can try different Cuba holiday packages to explore more about Cuba.

There are many benefits of being aware of the basic results of the Cuban Revolution and its aftermath when visiting the country. In particular, it will give you a better understanding of the country’s government, politics, etc. Such issues could affect your stay, such as regarding a visa, etc.

Besides that, knowing some basic info about the Cuban Revolution will give you a better understanding of how communism has impacted the country for over half a century. In fact, it has influenced various aspects of its culture, including dance, music, art, etc. Having a basic knowledge of the revolution will give an insight about the artists who created such works.


Another benefit of such knowledge is that it will help to explain the perception and experiences of many Cubans. It will put everything in perspective when you visit, as the government there is likely much different from the one in your home country.

When visiting Cuba, one of the most critical issues to consider is the effects of the Cuban Revolution from 1953 to 1959. It has had a drastic effect on the country’s government, politics, history, etc. The event has even affected several aspects of the country’s culture. When visiting, it could even have an impact on logistical issues such as your visa. However, there are various benefits of having some basic knowledge about the Cuban Revolution and its effects. In particular, it will give you a deeper understanding the country’s government, culture, etc. Make sure to be in-the-know before you go.

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