The advantage of CCTV analogue systems

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Though the world is obsessed with high tech equipments, still, nothing beats the durability of old fashioned equipment.  Analogue manufactured equipments are known to be durable because the parts and materials used to create one are made from genuine and pure materials. As compared to the newly manufactured items, there are already lots of substandard materials that were utilized to create a high tech item that comes in a not so expensive price as well. Since CCTV analogue systems are already old school, their market price now hits the cheaper scale. It is less expensive as compared to the newly invented and marketed CCTV systems.

CCTV analogue systems

Analogue CCTV systems are still known to be efficient and cost effective in doing its duty. The following are the advantages of using analogue CCTV systems highlighted to make you believe of its worth:

Less maintenance after installation–Analogue CCTVs requires once a week maintenance and check up. The maintenance and check up includes checking the takes footages and to assure that they are all retrievable through the DVR. The installation of analogue CCTVs are less hassle because they have nothing to do with your home network. Analogue CCTV systems are being used by the top security consulting services.

Not picky in term of change in the environment –may it be light or dark, analogue CCTVs can work efficiently and are responsive enough to catch clear footages even in a dark environment.

It comes in long cables –As compared to the new and high tech CCTV cameras, the analogue one comes in a 100 metres long cable wire.

Real time viewing –Footages from an analogue CCTV comes in a DVR that is why footages can be viewed real time.

As mentioned, Analogue system is cheaper than that of a new CCTV model. The following are the reasons why:

The type of camera –Analogue cameras are a bit cheaper than that of an IP because of two simple reasons. One, you need to have $400 to one thousand dollars to purchase an internal encoder for your IP camera to perform its full functionality. And lastly, Analogue cameras are packed, thus they are more convenient to be placed on outdoor housings.

The storage – Analogue CCTVs are stored in a DVR. DVRs are known to be cheap compared to NVRs which are commonly used in IP CCTVs. NVRs are also to be installed first onto the computer software for it to be used, thus, it can eat up some memory of your internal disk.

Power source –The power source for analogue systems usually comes in a centralized source, thus making it cheaper compared to that of a new CCTV model that requires power over Ethernet which is quite costly.

These advantages will tell you that Analogue CCTVs are not too old for old school. They can do and till perform almost same as what the newly produced CCTV systems does. The beauty behind these analogue CCTV systems is that they are durable enough for them to last in decades. It is proven that it causes no hassle from the installation down to the usage. The possibility of damaging your files is lesser because it is not attached to your home network. Using an Analogue system is indeed beneficial and a bit cheaper as compared to other newly developed CCTV systems.

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