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How do you know if the supply for electricity is given as per norms, and the wiring at your home is done as shown? The best thing to do here is to know the layout of electrical wiring at your house. The normal electrical layout has all the wires that run from each appliance to the main supply and wires to the switch boards from the main supply, demarcations of the appliances (used at times), etc. Knowing the layout of electrical wiring can be particularly helpful for you at later stages when you need to find the fault or cause for any problem.

Electrical Layout

What is an Electric Layout?

The electrical layout usually is a diagrammatic representation of the house right from the front door to the end of the house with symbols of wiring shown by notations, which are explained in a scale. The notations used vary for the different types of appliances, switches, switch boards, wiring, and thickness of wiring used. Reading the electrical layout is a simple job because once you know the layout of the house, you can get to understand the electrical wiring done by just visual analysis.

How do you Find a Fault in the Layout?

So, how is this helpful in finding the fault when faults occur in the circuit? Simple! When a fault occurs, you can actually read the electric layout, and find which phase the fault has occurred, and then try to switch on different appliances in that circuit to find which parallel line has the fault occurred in, thereby narrowing the scope for damage down to a very small margin. Here fault means the burning of wire, tripping of appliance, or any such damages to the circuit. Once the fault is narrowed down to a smaller circuit, it is easier for you to open and check the fault yourself, but when you are doing this, be sure to switch off the main supply to prevent an electrical shock.

Therefore, knowing the electric layout of your house is important to perform DIY repairs or shifting of appliances inside the house, and also avoiding any short circuiting in that process. However, you must be very careful while handling electrical equipment and the main power supply should be kept switched off at all times when handling or repairing electrical equipment. Its best if you hire a licensed electrician for complex electrical problems for they come equipped with all the tools required to address such problems. Reach out for an accredited Brunswick Electrical Technician to fix all your electrical problems.

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